Motorhome Insurance

Motor home Insurance

Your motor home, or RV, is both a way to get from place to place and a home away from home all in one. Because your motor home is so special you need special insurance to cover. At Colorado Insurance we can help you get the policy that is right for you.

Why Is Motor Home Insurance Important?

You will typically keep things in your motor home that you would never have in a personal vehicle, such as jewelry, camcorders and high tech gear. If you damage your motor home while on vacation you are going to need not only a new place to stay but also a way to get there. When you park at a campsite you could be liable for the area where your motor home is parked and be held liable if anyone injures themselves there.

A standard Colorado car insurance policy will not cover any of these situations. You need a separate motor home insurance policy with a wide range of coverage options tailored to meet your needs and appropriately cover you. Your Denver auto insurance agent will show you how motor home insurance combines the protection of both a car insurance policy and a homeowner’s insurance policy all in one.

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