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Personal automobile insurance is not only valuable, it’s required of every vehicle owner. By law, most states require drivers to have various types of coverage with minimum liability limits. Similarly, most banks require auto insurance before you receive an auto loan. Most insurers recommend bodily injury liability limits be one hundred thousand dollars per person, and three hundred thousand dollars total, per occurrence. Colorado is the same as any other state in this regard. This is often referred to as “100/300.”

Whether you own a truck or a compact car, auto insurance will protect you in the event of accident. However, depending on your appetite for risk, the type of vehicle you own, your assets, and type of passengers you will be carrying, your needs will vary. Your driving habits, tendencies and routines, may also alert you to which type of coverage is necessary. From emergency repairs and towing service, to theft and damage replacement, Denver Insurance will help you find the coverage that is right for you.

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