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Retirement 401k, SEP and Simple plans SEP IRA (Simplified Employee Pension IRA) Small business owners can make tax-deductible contributions with this flexible plan that is easy to set up and maintain. Individual 401(k) As a small business owner with no employees, you may be able to contribute more than other retirement plans. SIMPLE IRA As an employer, you can offer a salary deferral plan for your employees easily and affordably. IRA’s IRA’s were established by Congress as a way to help individuals save for retirement on their own. Traditional IRA You’re probably not surprised to learn that anything enacted by Congress has a number of rules to go along with it. The traditional IRA lets you put a certain amount of money into the account each year. Some or all of the money you put into that account may be deductible on your income taxes for that year. As long as your money is in the account, it accumulates income tax deferred, and then when you want to take your money out at retirement, you pay taxes on it at that time. Roth IRA The most notable difference between a traditional and Roth IRA is that none of your contributions to the Roth IRA are income tax deductible, however, when you make withdrawals from your Roth IRA at retirement…you don’t have to pay any income taxes. Unfortunately, not everyone is allowed to open a Roth IRA. Your adjusted gross income (AGI) must be less than $95,000. Your Roth IRA contribution amount is phased out between $95,000 and $110,000. (limits are higher if you’re married) Best of all, Roth IRA investments grow completely income tax free after the account has been open for five years. 401k Rollover IRA Mortgages and Home Equity Annuities Growing your retirement savings is only one part of planning for your future. Have you thought about how you'll turn your "nest egg" into a monthly retirement income? Annuities are long-term savings vehicles designed to do just that: grow and protect your money leading up to retirement, then turn that money into an income stream you can't outlive. Annuities can either be Immediate (payout begins at purchase) or Deferred (payout begins at a later date). Consider purchasing an Annuity to help you prepare for retirement. Explore the options we can offer you: Fixed annuities - For a predictable return Provides a monthly payout based on a fixed interest rate Can specify payouts for a fixed period of time or for life (annuitization) Earnings are not taxed until paid out (tax-deferred) Best for investors with low risk tolerance who seek wealth preservation or an addition/alternative to other fixed income vehicles (Bonds, CD's, etc.) Explore Fixed Annuity products Fixed indexed annuities - For a predictable return with growth potential Provides a monthly payout that has the potential to grow (based on S&P 500 Index) Can specify payouts for a fixed period of time or for life (annuitization) Tax deferred Protects against market downturns - your account value cannot fall with the market Not an investment, an insurance product Best for investors with low risk tolerance who seek greater growth potential than other fixed indexed products Explore Fixed indexed annuity products Immediate annuities - for current income Provides income payments for a fixed period of time or for life Income payments can be fixed, adjusted annually according to an outside index, or variable (based on the performance of underlying sub-accounts) Offers multiple options for payout, including income that lasts for your entire life (or for the lives of you and your spouse) Income payments are taxed using the exclusion ratio method (each payment consists of earnings and a return of basis) May be appropriate for individuals with low to moderate or high risk tolerance (depending on type of payout option chosen) who seek current income Explore Immediate annuity products Variable annuity - For a maximum potential return Provides a monthly payout based on a variable interest rate, dependent on market performance of the underlying portfolio you choose Offers multiple options for payout, including an income stream for life Provides a return of your original investment (principal) through withdrawals or a death benefit Can specify payouts for a fixed period of time or for life (annuitization) Tax deferred Best for investors with medium to high risk tolerance who seek maximum growth potential.

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