Workers Compensation Insurance

As a business owner you have made a lot of sacrifices to build and grow your business, and even more to make it successful. You want to do everything in your power to ensure that your business succeeds and thrives. Worker’s compensation insurance will protect you by providing insurance benefits to your employees in case of an unexpected injury or illness.

Why Buy Workers Compensation Insurance?

As an employer you are legally responsible for any accidents your employees suffer as a result of a work related task, whether on work premises or off. If one of your employees is injured in an auto accident while on company time, or falls while restocking shelves you are liable for their care. Likewise if one of your employees develops a medical condition, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, that is caused from working on your computers you are also responsible for the care they will need to correct that problem. If you do not have adequate workers compensation coverage and one of your employees is injured, your company can suffer and extreme economic setback jeopardizing your financial future.

At Denver Insurance, we can help you get the best Colorado insurance rates for workers compensation to meet your companies needs and protect your employees. Find out what type of coverage you need.

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